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Today, many people can get their writing done by the assistance of AdvancedWriters. If you are fond of writing, you had better make it as not only your hobby but also your profession. Doing things you like most for your whole life will be very exciting and fascinating. There are many professions you can take such as a novel writer, a non-fiction writer, a content writer, a social media writer, and many others. Therefore, there are several tips you can follow to make your writing skill more meaningful.
The first tip is applying to online custom writing service company. There are many companies providing writing services. You need to take the opportunity to apply as a new writer. Usually, you have to make a resume that tells about your academic background, your writing skill, and your portfolio. Some custom writing service companies will urge you to have a specialization. For example, you can describe how good you are in writing a research paper by showing any achievements. If possible, you can apply for a position to be a writing tutor as well.
The second tip is joining to a writing community. You can meet other writers and you can start develop a new networking as well. What is more, you can join to some writing projects and earn money from it. When you already join to a writing community, you will be able to develop your writing skills properly. You may even ask for some feedback or comments from other writers about your written work. If there are writing competitions, you will be informed at once. In the writing community, you can also share your writing experience or learn from other people’s writing experience.
The third tip is utilizing social media platforms. Recently, more people have been more dependent on the internet. Most people are connected through social media platforms as well. Thus, you can try show off your writing skill by using social media. For instance, you can make a personal blog. Then, you can write articles or stories into your blog. There will be readers or online users who read your blog entries. In addition, you can promote your blog regularly by utilizing Facebook or Twitter.
To sum up, writing can be not only a hobby but also a very fascinating job for you. Besides, getting self-satisfaction since your writing skill can be more meaningful and useful for other people is such an invaluable experience.

Jumat, 21 September 2012

Is it Really Necessary to Learn Your Life Insurance Quote?

When people are trying to get their own affordable life insurance service, most of them forget to do one very important thing beforehand: learning the terms and or the contents of their life insurance quotes. To prove this point, try to ask many of your friends, colleagues, or even workmates who have been buying and thus paying for their life insurance for quite some time now.

Ask them a specific condition, for instance about medical bills, which they could make as their claims. Most of them would certainly answer, and answer it right away, that they will need to go and make some checking first in order to confirm whether such bills or such payments are indeed covered by their life insurance.

This situation indicates that these people don’t really know what their life insurance is. And you, above all else, should never repeat the same mistake all over. Instead, go and learn the terms, if necessary every single one of them, of your life insurance service s they are stated in the quote. Such learning will help you a lot a little while later when you have any situation that has anything to do, or even not to do, with your insurance coverage.

Kamis, 06 September 2012

Homework: Do We Really Need It?

There are some alternatives students can do in looking for php help. The alternatives include forming a study group, getting a private tutor, or obtaining an online tutoring. Some students will be only complaining whey they are given a new assignment. Moreover, do we really need assignments or homework?

The first answer is yes. We really need homework. After learning a particular lesson, we need homework to recall our understanding about the lesson. Besides, we will get deeper comprehension of the subject when we are doing our homework. For example, in order to master the PHP language programming, we will require homework to measure our ability or understanding of the lesson. 

The second answer is maybe. Nowadays, many people can visit a site providing homework assistance. So, there are no more reasons to not do and finish our homework. Homework might be not needed for those who do not want to upgrade their abilities or capabilities. Maybe you think homework is not important because you do not want to make your brain working. To sum up, whether homework is needed or not, your brain needs homework to make it keep alive and working. So, have you done your homework lately?

Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

Loan is Not So Difficult like People Thought

When talking about money has become interesting subject from time to time, there is no end for people to talk about it because almost all people need it. Not all people have good job that helps them in collecting money as the way to fulfill what the thing that they need.

Some people receive what the things that they have and they do not want to do more things as the other way to gather more money. Some of them have trapped in bad credit that makes them have to pay more amount than the real amount of money that they should pay. But today, people should aware that there is the better one that is loan whereas it is not as difficult as they thought, there are plenty of online loans that can be accessed easily by every people, no matter what their finance background.

So people, if you have problems in your finance and there is no one friends able to help you, this is the time to come to loan, online loan that will give you payday method and it is not that complicated. Life does not come twice and make it as good as possible is the only thing that can be done by people.

Protection for Cars

Not only body that needs protection but also car needs it too. Car is often used by people to travel from one place to another place and it is really helpful. Because it is used a lot, there is possibility for the car to grazed by other things whether people realize of it or not, but the left lapsed is really disturbing.

Beside graze, there is possibility for the car to be hit by other car or there is something going down upper the car that makes it looks bad. Therefore, car needs to be protected though people cannot do it directly, but at least, people can use the insurance to protect their car regarding there is insurance for car that can be used by people. So many car insurance quotes that can be got by people and it is useful, really useful because people can find the good one before know it.

So many insurance agencies that can be visited by people to ask the protection and it are important for people to use the credible one and one of the credible is car insurance rates. It has been used by many people in the world because its service is really satisfying people who use it.

Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Lack of Education Contributes to Crime

As more and more low-income household members move into communities that once crafted to the center or higher class, one must be seeking his own personal safety and review any criminal activity going on in their environment. Criminal activity is everywhere in these communities where children find too plenty of your energy and energy available after university hours or after the university year lets out.

What also plays a role in the crime amount in such places? Is it just the deficiency of cash for low earnings families? Sometimes, crime can be linked to the lack to train and learning on the aspect of the criminal or their loved ones.

It is a mathematical proven reality that the crime amount is inversely proportionate to the training and learning level of the root cause. Kids who develop in household members that do not stress the value of getting knowledge and learning are more likely to be living out on the roads, doing medication, becoming a member of gangs, or finishing up in jail.

Sometimes mother and dad who increase such children were brought up in similar conditions when they were young people. Nothing has modified. An knowledge should be major on parents' thoughts when increasing their children. Actually, knowledge and learning is the key out of problems. As the old saying goes, "The way out of the rain gutter is with a book and not a golf ball."

Kids who do not have knowledge in university are more likely to have problems with finding tasks, getting into college, or remaining out of trouble with the law. Many times they have household issues that are linked to the loss of a mother or dad at a young age due to a loss of life or an prison time.

Kids from single-parent houses run that chance of increasing up as an "at-risk" kid. This is due to the point that the mother or dad must work to offer food and protection for the kid, and the insufficient the other mother or dad isn't able to offer authority and assistance for a increasing mind. A mother or dad who is imprisoned will definitely not be around to guide the kid to getting a's and b's in university.

What kind of concept does an imprisoned mother or dad send to a child? Is it okay to be foolish and ridiculous and end up in jail like their daddy? Like dad, like son. Right? Is it okay to miss university and be a part of a group like their dad once did?

Rabu, 01 Agustus 2012

Importance of Libraries

Man's quest for knowledge has led to the creation and accumulation of tremendous amount of information. This quest for knowledge knows no bounds and limits and is never satisfied. It has continued since the dawn of civilization to the modern age. This hard-earned knowledge and information is valuable for the entire mankind and therefore liable to be preserved. With the invention of paper man has been able to convey this knowledge to others by writing books. Thousands of manuscripts have been written by the wise men of the earlier times but many of them were destroyed due to the lack of proper means of preservation.

Libraries are established for the systematic collection, organization, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and information. It is very important for man to preserve and maintain the valuable knowledge and information contained in the books and documents because we want to preserve our knowledge and wisdom for the coming generations. By preserving the documents in a library this knowledge can be made available to others so that they can benefit from it. Establishment of libraries is not a new concept. The oldest library dates to around 2700 years ago in Sennacherib's Palace in Nineveh which shows how long ago the concept of leaving a piece of your wisdom behind started being formed into the organized collection to preserve the work.

With the invention of printing press, it became easier to preserve the knowledge in the form of printed documents. This led to the generation of a large number of books. The need for the preservation and dissemination of information led to the establishment of more and more libraries. Thus libraries acquired a great importance in the civilized society for education and research. Libraries play a vital role in the development of any society by enhancing the cause of education and academic research. They cater to the information needs of thousands of peoples.

The development of Science and Technology (S & T) in the last two centuries has led to an information explosion. Rapid changes have taken place at a great pace. In order to meet the growing needs of users the library system has been greatly improved and upgraded to meet the new challenges. The services offered by libraries have also undergone a great change.
With the advent of new technologies in the field of computers and telecommunications, revolutionary changes have taken place in the field of Library and Information Science. The shape of traditional libraries containing a large number of printed documents is in the process of being transformed to paper less libraries containing a large number of digitized documents. The facilities offered by networking have not left libraries untouched. Modern libraries are not only digitized but networked also. This has led to the creation of virtual libraries i.e. libraries without walls through which the user has access to information at any time, anywhere in the world by using the modern tools of communications, such as computers and Internet facilities.

User demand is ever increasing and putting a great pressure on the librarians. Therefore, there is an imperative need for the modernization of libraries in order to keep pace with the modern times. The new challenges in the field of Library and Information Science can be met by adopting the process of digitization and networking. In the present age the Librarians have to face many problems due to the limitations of time and space. User satisfaction is the main objective of a good library. It cannot be achieved without adopting the modern tools and techniques rendered available by the modern technologies available in the field of Information and telecommunication. These developments have led to the creation of Digital and Virtual Libraries, which have great advantages over the traditional libraries. Therefore, digital libraries are becoming popular due to the advantages and facilities, which are offered by them to their users.

Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Online Education Course Is a Boon for Students

Online education course is gaining popularity and this is evident from more and more high school graduates opting for distance education through online studies. There are accredited online universities and colleges in the country and these educational institutions run various degree programs for the students and other people. The reality is that these institutions give admission to everyone as they don't discriminate between a young high school graduate and an adult professional. Anyone willing to learn can take advantage of distance learning through online studies and fulfill his or her dream of becoming a learned person.
The traditional colleges are not in the position to teach every student passing out from high schools dotting the country. Conventional colleges are restricted in physical boundaries and they have limited space. The number of high school graduates is increasing every year but there are not many colleges for them. Online education course is the only remedy for this situation. The government has allowed the online educational institution to function and it has also accredited the degree programs they run. Government wants to make sure that every student gets quality education and to achieve this objective it supervises the functioning of online institutions and gives accreditation to those that function well.
Online education course is a boon for high school graduates who come from average family and don't have enough money to fund their tuition fees. They can borrow education loan without any hesitation as they can repay the loan by working part-time or full time. Online colleges don't require their students to attend classes physically. The study material is provided online and classes are organized either in the late evening or on weekends. Students pursuing online degree programs have an opportunity to work in the day study in the night. Another advantage of online education is that the students can study at their own speed. One can earn an online degree in less than four years or extend his program to more than four years.
Working gentlemen will also find online education course suitable for them. Many working people want to learn but they can't pursue their goals because conventional colleges don't give them admission and if they can manage to get admission in a traditional college then they have to take long leaves from their work. With distance education through online studies, there is no problem as you can continue your work with your studies.

Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

Parental Rights in Special Education

When your child is initially referred to special education and you give permission to the school district to evaluate your child, several formal and informal assessments are conducted to determine if your child meets the criteria for receiving special education services. Re-evaluations to determine if your child remains eligible for special education services are also conducted every three years or more often if the parent requests it or the school district feels it is necessary. If you disagree with an assessment completed by the school district, you have the right to request that an independent evaluation be completed at no expense to you. You must have a valid reason for your disagreement with the evaluation and you need to follow the district's process spelled out in your procedural safeguards handout to receive the independent evaluation.
You also have the right to inspect and review your child's educational records. There are often many records kept on your child other than the formal reports you receive such as the IEP progress reports and the report card. You may put in a formal request to view all of your child records. This could include observations of your child, classroom data regarding behavior and academic progress, informal assessments, discipline records, parent contact records and staff records. If you wish to review your child's records, you usually need to submit your request in writing per the procedural safeguards protocol.
Another procedural safeguard is that you (or the school district) have the right to file a due process claim and receive a hearing by an unbiased hearing officer if you disagree with something in the IEP or during the IEP process. If you have a disagreement with the school district about the IEP or the IEP process, it is best to attempt to work it out with the district. If you do not believe that your disagreement was adequately addressed and you still believe that part of the IEP is inappropriate or inadequate, that the IEP is not being followed, that the IEP process was not conducted according to the law and/or that you or your child were denied something that is your right follow the district's procedure for filing a due process claim.
An IEP is a legal agreement between you and the school district for the provision of special education services to your child. The intent of the procedural safeguards is to protect all parties involved in the IEP process-your child, you as guardians and the school district. You should receive a copy of the school district procedural safeguards based on your state's laws at least once a year. You may also request a copy from your child's case manager or the district's special education department at any time.

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

The Importance of Case Studies in Management Education

If you try and notice the education sphere today, there is a lot of buzz about students enrolling themselves in good established management schools and wanting to acquire their management education. Experts believe this is majorly because of the rising competition in the business sphere. A business school becomes very helpful for students because it has a theoretical as well as practical approach towards the topics and subjects of the student's choice. These management education courses are practical because they include case studies; that is real life business situations that have occurred in major companies, along with how the company resolved the issues to rise to the top again. This is of tremendous help to a beginner manager while he is learning to apply his knowledge in a way that will get maximum benefits for his company.

After studying a number of case studies thoroughly, the students are assigned projects in order to help them develop various managerial skills like those of leadership, decision-making ability, motivational speaking ability, etc. Thus, management education hugely contributes to the overall growth of an aspirant and converts him into a thorough professional who is ready to enter the business field confidently. This is what gives individuals an edge over the others during job interviews. Thus as a result of all this, there are so many people who want to do courses from business schools.
Why these business schools are different is because they work on the problem areas of the students and teach them take not just decisions but responsibility for them as well. Initially the student is asked only to observe case studies. During this stage, the student learns to investigate and analyze the situation of the company at that particular point in time. The observation skills of the students increase tremendously during this first stage of solving case studies.

Further on, the students are asked to imagine themselves as professionals in the industry and devise solutions for the set of business problems that the company is facing at that time. This is where the students learn to strategically plan and brainstorm with the objective of coming up with good solutions. These projects also help to enhance team building skills of the students. The feedback of the professors who are actually experienced industry professionals lets the students know where they actually stand with respect to the actual business sphere. This is very important because it is a reality check that goes a long way in motivating students to pull up their socks and do all it takes to reach a respectable position with respect to the actual business sphere.

Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

How Does Special Education Advocacy Help You With IEP And 504 Plan?

Advocating best interests in an educational process for your child, who has a disability, can be challenging. Schools are sometimes short on resources, which can make them alter, add or even deny any educational service to your child, often without any prior written notice. Parents have to know what is covered in their rights to demand the best for their child from school districts.
Negotiating the best educational plan often can not be done alone. You need to be aware of constantly modified procedures and guidelines to build a strong case for you. You might need professionals by your side to handle this expertly and deliver you the paramount solution without you having to worry.
What is the difference between an IEP and 504 Plan?
The Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is a program to ensure that a kid with any disability is provided the required resources as per his or her needs. The student receives specialized education services free of any charges in the public school. IEP is periodically reviewed to ensure the fulfillment of educational objectives.
Under the 504 Plan, students with disabilities receive any required accommodation for continuing with their education successfully. It is not like an IEP which is a requirement for students with special education needs. Students needing a 504 Plan are suffering from an impairment which impacts learning. However, they receive general education and do not need any specially designed instructions.
How does an educational advocacy firm help you?
A special educational advocate represents the family and student and is someone who speaks/writes on their behalf or in their defense. The educational advocate will assist you in obtaining the required accommodations for your child to have a successful educational program. For instance, the child might be allowed some flexibility with their assignments, if, under a 504 Plan.
Special education advocates will make sure the child has all the educational facilities required. For a child's specific needs, they will suggest you suitable special education programs or services. Advocates assist parents in getting proper accommodations for the child so he can adequately take part in school activities and educational programs.
You can get a free initial consultation from an educational advocacy firm. The firm will need documentation in the form of report cards, assessment reports and any psycho-educational report. It will help you present your case in IEP meeting at school and place any requests.
Together the parents and special education consultants can create an education program meant to truly unlock the child's potentials.

Senin, 21 Mei 2012

The Importance of Education in Society

Education has been part of the human society from the very beginning. Human societies throughout the ages have had vested interests in education. The importance of education can not be overemphasized. In fact it would not be an exaggeration to say that without education, most societies would die. Philosophy of Education is a term that can be used to refer to the academic field that involves applied philosophy. It can also be used to describe philosophies that promote certain visions of education, examining the goals, meaning and other aspects.
While most societies will agree or acknowledge the importance of education, a large number of them fail to channel sufficient resources that can be used to promote and support educational institutions and activities. It is clear to everyone that children, who are born innumerate and illiterate, quickly learn the culture and norms of the community they are born into, with the help of those around them and professional teachers. Within a short time, the children are able to read, write and act in an appropriate way. The skills improve as the child grows, and with time, they will have learnt enough to enable them to operate in the society without constant guidance.
Education today can serve as a mechanism for social- sorting. People have different learning skills with some exhibiting more facility than others. Education plays a major role on the economic fate of every individual. Education helps to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills that allow them to be able to define and pursue their individual goals. It also allows people to participate in the community, playing their part to improve their conditions and the condition of the society at large.

While many may view education in a very individualistic way, it is important to look at the societal perspective. The more educated individuals there are in the society, the more developed that society becomes. Unfortunately most societies today are embracing the narrow view that encourages people to get an education as a way to enhance their own individual needs. This has led to a few individuals holding the view that they are autonomous. In the end, this same individual's end up living very unfulfilled lives. Education should be able to create individuals who are assets to the society at large.Formal education provided by the state, is an acknowledgement of the importance of Philosophy of Education for survival of the society.

Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

Why Insurance Continuing Education Classes Are So Important

All insurance and financial professionals are required to take some type of continuing education. Every license and state differ, but agents must keep up to date with current rules, regulations, and new products available to their clients. Online insurance education is one way for an insurance professional to complete their continuing education hours. Many states allow continuing education to be done completely online as opposed to in a classroom. Agents prefer online classes because they are flexible, easy to use, and affordable. They can complete all of the continuing education requirements from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. If an agent chooses to sit in a classroom they will have to find a local seminar and listen to an instructor for however how many hours the course is worth. Sometimes this could last an entire weekend or more.

Continuing education is important for three main reasons. An agent must complete their insurance continuing education every 1-2 years to keep their license active. This is important because selling life/health insurance is typically an agent's way to earn a living. If an agent falls behind on their education requirements their state could fine them or even suspend their license. Another important reason to complete your continuing education is to keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations your state has implemented. Without ongoing education an agent might be breaking the law and not even know it. And finally, the third reason is based on offering the best possible products to their clients. If an agent doesn't complete their continuing education they might not know about the latest annuity available for example. These courses will keep the agent up to date on industry trends which will ensure their clients are receiving the correct advice when purchasing policies.

Because each state and license type have different educational requirements it is beneficial to contact a provider or your state department of insurance to find out what classes you need to take and how many hours you need to stay in compliance with your state laws. The courses you choose are important because some states will require an ethics course while others will not. Also, most states will not let you repeat the same course within a two year period. Finally, many states allow carry over credits. These are credits you took above and beyond your requirements the previous compliance period. Typically, you are able to use the remaining credits towards your credit requirement the following term.

Rabu, 25 April 2012

Anatomy Education for Yoga Teachers

The study of Hatha Yoga involves many different aspects. Yoga teacher interns should study the history and philosophies of Yoga, the poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation techniques, teaching methods, ethics, and guidelines for student safety. Anatomy and Kinesiology are also important areas of study for Yoga instructors. The study of human anatomy encompasses the placement of the body's bones, and the specific systems within the body. Since every aspect of Hatha Yoga involves the mind and body, the study of anatomy makes sense for a well-rounded Yoga education.

When you are teaching a Yoga class, you must be able to help your students safely adjust into, or out of, poses, as necessary. Many of your students will come into class with prior injuries, health concerns, or other health issues. It is the Yoga instructor's responsibility to ensure the safety of each student, as he or she learns the most about each technique. A competent Yoga teacher will need to accommodate the student by offering advice on modifications for a multitude of techniques. Therefore, a Yoga instructor will need to be extremely knowledgeable about each area of the body and how it will be affected by each technique.

Yoga teachers are often faced with a diverse class full of students. Some people are beginners, attending their first Yoga class ever, while some are quite experienced and quite comfortable in class. A teacher must be familiar with the limitations of every body type, ailment, and experience level. A study of Yoga, for human anatomy, will help the instructor understand how our muscles, joints, bones, and body systems work at all levels of physical fitness.

An understanding of human anatomy is a crucial piece of the puzzle of Hatha Yoga. Physical forms of Yoga involve moving and stretching the body, as well as increasing blood flow within the body. A study of Yoga anatomy covers the study of the body's muscles, joints, tissues, membranes, cells, and more. It is important for all Yoga instructors to understand what is occurring within the body to increase the blood flow to each muscle, and how this will affect the body.

Many Yoga students like the way they feel after a good session of practice. They often feel light, loose, and invigorated. It is probably enough for the student to feel that way without knowing why, but a Yoga instructor must know what is causing these feelings within the body and mind. Many students have questions, and it is the instructor's responsibility to answer those questions knowledgeably. In order to gain the respect of students, the teacher must present himself, or herself, as an informed source on the aspects of the human body related to Yoga.

Senin, 09 April 2012

Continuing Education for an Insurance License

States have different rules and regulations when it comes to insurance CE for an insurance license. Agents must abide by these each and every year. Some states require classroom courses while others allow students to complete their continuing education online. Insurance agents can contact their state authority to get the specific details. The insurance and financial industries are highly regulated for a good reason. Agents and professionals are dealing with their clients well being and their families well being on a day to day basis. They sell them insurance policies that could really benefit the individual and their loved ones when something tragic happens. The main types of insurance are life, health and property and casualty. Each agent must pass an exam before being awarded a license. If an agent sells all three lines of insurance they must pass all three exams to obtain all of the licenses. If this is the case, they must complete the required continuing education for each license each and every year.
Every agent must complete education for their insurance license. However, each state and license has a different requirement. You want to check with your state or an approved provider to confirm your insurance license continuing education requirements.
CE is very beneficial to agents and their clients. Agents can learn about new and upcoming products to offer their clients. This is a win/win for both the agent and the consumer. If the agent is not up to date on current products or market trends they may provide the wrong information to their clients causing much more pain and agony then necessary. They also can stay current with new laws and regulations. Without insurance CE agents and producers may be breaking the law and not even know it.
When researching continuing education schools always make sure they are listed as a provider with the state. Then make sure their prices are equivalent to their competitors. Also, if you are close to your compliance deadline make sure the company reports to the state within 1-2 business days. This will ensure you can keep your license active and avoid state fines. When an agent is late on complete their insurance license continuing education requirements they may lose their license if they do not contact their state in time. All in all, insurance continuing education is very important and needed in such a demanding and professional field.

Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

How Economic Conditions Affect Educational Needs

About 10 years ago when the economy was booming all of the companies and employees were very happy. They were satisfied with their work conditions, salaries, and profit margins. The real estate industry was doing well, foreign trade was great, and there was a money surplus in the United States. It's funny, when all of this was going on, no one was thinking about attending school or furthering their education. Why? Because everyone was making money! The economy and continuing education are actually counter-cyclical. This means when the economy is doing well not as many people are attending classes. It also means when the economy is not doing well more people are going back to school. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the reasons economic conditions affect enrollment numbers in colleges and Universities.
Think about when the economy was doing well and you had a stable job. Were you thinking about furthering your education? Probably not. Many individuals do not feel the pressure or need to go back to school when things are good. Their company is doing well, they are moving up in their department, and they have job security are just a couple of the reasons many individuals put school on the back-burner in excellent economic conditions. Remember when the real estate market was booming? Many of the real estate agents decided to get their license and sell real estate instead of going to college. They were making a ton of money and never thought they would need a degree. Now that the real estate market has tanked more and more agents are going back to school for their degree so they can find a job.
The same goes true for when the economy is in a slump. Many people are enrolling in school for a number of reasons. Whether they want to secure their job, find a job, or want a promotion in hard economic times the education industry actually prospers. More people are going back to school than ever before. Sometimes they even go back to school so they can receive financial aid and use the aid to pay their bills. When times get tough, individuals will do whatever they have to when trying to survive a tough market. If the unemployment rates continue to increase, you can expect more and more individuals to enroll in post-secondary education to complete their degree.

Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Education or Industry

Developing countries are those which require the maximum attention. Since these are like growing children, the growth years need attention for them to grow up into successful constituencies. Inadequate care and ignorance can also lead to adverse results. Planning forms the essence of constituencies like these and careful execution forms the need of the hour. Strategic development strategies are required to keep the development of the countries in the upward direction. And for the development of these strategic plans one needs an able government and intelligent leadership.
In countries like these, allocation of funds is also an important aspect. Since the funds are not in excess, judicious allocation of funds is required. That's where the main question arises. There is a difference in opinions here, which arises due to different thought process of individuals. The question which arises is, should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education first.
The answer here is, we need to find the balance between the two factors. Since both the factors are equally important for the growth and development of the country. Education forms the base of what an individual turns out to be. With education one makes a more informed decision about the different aspects of his/her life. Since education incorporates a sense of good and bad in the conscious, an individual is less likely to get influenced without knowing what he/she is getting into. That's power of education. It forms the root of all the individuals and their progress in future. Education not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates a sense of wrong and right into the individuals. However industries form a separate division in whole.
Industries depict the growth of an economy and a growth of people who are able to be self sufficient and provide for their family members and themselves. Therefore development of industries forms an important aspect of the development of the countries. Hence allocation of funds to industrial development also is necessary. However education makes an individual perform efficiently at his workplace. Makes sure that the work is performed with efficiency thus decreasing the throughput time. With education forming the base of everything and industrialisation forming the base of the development and growth, it's high time both are given equal attention. With careful research, one would be able to allocate funds to the exactly the right sector, thus helping in the development and progress of the nation. Because it is rightly said, progress has little to with speed, but much to do with the direction.